Winter Uplift Care Package

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I find that winter is best enjoyed with extra self-care. The Winter Uplift Care Package offers up a few items that make the darker + colder season a bit brighter! It's great for gifting to that anti-winter person in your life (like me!).

It includes:

☽ Heart Lift Tea (1.6 oz / 30 cups)
☽ 2oz Earth + Sky Energy Mist
☽ 1oz Repair + Nourish Butter

Read on for details on each item.

Heart Lift Tea
A caffeine free blend full of uplifting herbs with anti-depressant qualities. It makes a deliciously cozy cup of tea. 

Steep 2 tsp per cup for 20 min, covered. Strain and sweeten if desired. 

Organic or Wild Ingredients: Lemon Balm, St. John’s Wort, Rose, Oats, Damiana, Lavender + Wood Betony.

Use caution with St. John's Wort and prescription medications. Most are contraindicated. Not for pregnancy. 

Earth + Sky Energy Mist
I see winter as a time that requires a little extra resilience. This mist is both grounding and uplifting for when we need solid emotional strength + balance. It can be sprayed in spaces or on the body to shift your mood. The scent begins as a bright + inspiring citrus and then settles to reveal a mix of rosy sweetness and earthy vetiver. 

Ingredients: Grain alcohol with essential oils of grapefruit, geranium, benzoin, lemongrass + vetiver.

Repair + Nourish Butter

Winter dry skin is a major discomfort. This rich and creamy body butter brings deep moisture to your driest spots. I love it on my hands + feet. It's also great on elbows + knees, and on a dry, sore nose when you've been blowing non-stop from a cold. 

Organic or pesticide-free ingredients: shea butter, olive oil, rose, lavender, calendula, and essential oils: lavender, palmarosa, cedarwood, orange + benzoin.

Must ship ground mail due to the alcohol in the Earth + Sky mist. Sorry, US shipping only, please.