Vibrant Immunity Tonic Powder 9oz

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Vibrant Immunity Tonic Powder 9oz

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Astragalus root + Reishi mushroom are two of my absolute favorite medicinals to support a strong immune system for the long haul. Together, they synergistically improve our immune function and resistance. They have both been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine for longevity, overall vitality, and to help the body adapt to stressors. 

Vibrant Immunity gifts you with a medicinal dose of both of these potent remedies. With pinch of cinnamon and ginger, I think you'll find the flavor quite a delight. Made as a hot beverage with milk of choice and honey, this is a delicious way to up level your health.

To use: Use 1 teaspoon in a hot tonic beverage, 1-2x a day. I like to add the powder to coconut milk (any milk of choice will work) and warm over the stove. Once heated, I add a bit of vanilla and honey for a deliciously comforting beverage. It also works in water, or a water-milk blend if you don't want it to be super rich + creamy. Vibrant Immunity can be added to smoothies, though I find light cooking activates the medicinal power of the herbs. 

Organic ingredients: astragalus root powder, reishi mushroom powder (activated reishi mycelium and fruiting body preparation with organic myceliated brown rice), cinnamon + ginger

Comes in a 9oz volume jar with 3 oz powder by weight. Contains approximately 54 teaspoon sized servings.