Sun Shimmer Body Oil

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Sun Shimmer Body Oil

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Sun shimmer is a body oil fit for a goddess. A base of light oils moisturize but absorb quickly. Golden mica leaves behind a beautiful shimmering glow. The essential oil blend offers a naturally fresh scent with hints of florals + citrus.

All in all, this oil amplifies your already luminous beauty.

It's the perfect summer body oil for adding shimmer when we bare a little more skin due to warming temps!

☾ Skin moisturizing from jojoba, olive oil + rose hip seed oil
☾ Summer sun energy from calendula flowers (and skin healing power!)
☾ luminous shimmer from mica (it's subtle but lovely)
☾ beautiful scent from elemi, palmarosa, rosewood + angelica essential oils
☾ one happy customer even reported that it kept mosquitos away AND healed up old bites! I love the magic of plants and the surprises they deliver!!

To use:
Shake very well. Tap the bottle to mix in all the mica, it settles at the bottom. Apply lightly to moisturize + add a shimmery glow.

Comes in a 2oz glass bottle. Please reuse or recycle.

PESTICIDE-FREE OR ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: jojoba, olive oil, rose hip seed oil, calendula flowers, vitamin E, mica (titanium dioxide, iron oxide), and practitioner grade essential oils of elemi, palmarosa, rosewood + angelica

Angelica essential oil is not recommended during pregnancy.