Plant Magic Blessing Mist

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Plant Magic Blessing Mist is an incredibly uplifting ceremonial fragrance. It lightens even the darkest of energies with sweet floral + citrus magic. Ylang Ylang has long been used to make agua de kananga, a ritual fragrance for healing, purification, honoring + offering. Experience its flower power in this mystical blend.

Mist with strong intention to uplift energy in spaces or around your energy field. Or use as a ceremonial offering. This is a total mood and vibration uplift!

Ingredients: grain alcohol + essential oils: bergamot, amyris, ylang ylang + palmarosa.

Use caution with bergamot on the skin + sun exposure. 

Shake well before use. For external use only.
Comes in a 2oz spray bottle.

**This must be shipped via USPS parcel post due to the flammability of alcohol. I'm sorry, but it cannot be shipped outside of the US.