Peaceful Plants

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Peaceful Plants
I created Peaceful Plants to take the edge off of stress, anxiety + worry. We all dance in this realm from time to time. I feel comforted to have plants within my reach to soothe + support when my brain won't quiet down and my body is tight + nervous. Of course, I love my teas to chill me out. But I also love a multi faceted approach. 

Deep breathing is one of my most treasured calming tools. It is a true reset button for me. Adding the power of aromatherapy to a deep breathing practice is next level. Peaceful Plants blends calming + soothing plants like lavender + chamomile with vetiver which grounds us and gifts us with a sense of safety and security. Basil + benzoin add another layer of emotional support. Together, the scent is very herbaceous with a touch of sweetness and earth.

All of my aromatherapy products are blended according European blending methods at safe dilutions to avoid sensitization or irritation.

To use: Tap the bottom of the bottle to mix. Use on pulse points and breathe deeply + slowly to relax and reset.

Essential oils are much more subtle than chemical fragrances, so re-apply as desired to keep the fragrance fresh.

Comes in a .35oz glass roller bottle. Please reuse or recycle.

pesticide free jojoba oil and high quality therapeutic grade essential oils of lavender, benzoin, basil, roman chamomile + vetiver.

Not recommended during pregnancy.