Magical Realms Anointing Balm

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Magical Realms Anointing Balm

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Plants have an incredible gift to shift our consciousness. Magical Realms Anointing balm was dreamed up to do just that. It is a plant guide to support the mind + spirit in stepping outside of the ordinary world and instead, into the world of magic and synchronicity. 

When we wish to meditate, to pray, to create ceremony + ritual, it is imperative to cross the bridge from the mundane to the magical. Let the plants take you there. 

I like to use this potent balm on pulse points like a mystical solid perfume. I take in the rich scent with prayer as the journey begins.

This balm begins with infusing some of my favorite magical plant allies in organic olive oil. It is then topped off with potent essential oils that render a complex scent that is floral + woody, with a hint of spice. 

Ingredients: organic olive oil, rose, blue vervain, anise, st. john’s wort, hawthorn, white sage, mugwort, rosemary, elderflower, beeswax + essential oils: bergamot, geranium, benzoin, lime, neroli, cinnamon, opopanax + clove.

Comes in a 1oz tin. Please reuse or recycle.

Not recommended for use during pregnancy.