Herbal Health Consult

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Herbal Health Consult

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Herbalism is the people's medicine! The herbal health consult is an empowering way to explore any physical and/or emotional challenges that you are facing and to work with the plant remedies that can support your healing. 

Anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, sleeplessness, hormonal/menstrual challenges, digestion, immune system support + pain relief are some of the places I love diving deep to explore and support through plant remedies. 

This offering will be unique to each individual depending on your health goals, but the foundation for each will be the same:

☾ A 90 minute video call* intake with Natalia. We will explore your health history, diet, and wellness goals through a series of questions and cozy conversation. 

☾ One custom formulated herbal remedy. This would likely be a tincture or tea depending on your unique needs. Multiple remedies may be made available at an additional cost. Remedies will be mailed to your home after our session**.

☾ Dietary recommendations, ceremonies, or lifestyle suggestions as applicable to your goals, emailed to you after our session. Every session is so unique and completely customized to your current path, so the suggestions offered will be different for each person. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about booking your session. 

Once you purchase a session, I will contact you to book a time for our meeting. You may also contact me to book a time and then purchase this listing, but payment is required before we meet. 

Please read my policies when booking.

*Zoom is a simple to use video chat that we'll use for our call — I'll email you a link to join our call before our appointment.

**It may take a couple of weeks to receive your first custom remedy as I continue to build my apothecary. 

I am not a medical doctor and therefore cannot diagnose or "treat diseases", however, I can provide you with time honored plant remedies to support your health + wellness goals.