Green Blessing Tea

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Green Blessing Tea

Green Blessing is my favorite morning tea. It is a deeply nutritive tonic rich in minerals and revitalizing herbs.   

- Nettle works on nearly every body system to support optimal functioning. It is incredibly nourishing. It energizes and helps to balance blood sugar. 
- Raspberry Leaf is a full body tonic and again, deeply nourishing and mineral rich. It specifically tonifies both the female and male reproductive systems and is an incredible ally to the strength and tone of the uterus.
- Oatstraw adds to the list of full body nourishment. All of these mineral rich herbs support the strength of our bones + teeth as we age. Oats are also a specific tonic to the nervous system. 
- Peppermint + Cardamom are added for their delicious flavor, though they are also deeply medicinal and supportive of the digestive system. 

A strongly brewed cup of Green Blessing tea certainly gets your day started on the right foot!

The flavor is refreshing and delightful where the mint + cardamom really shine. I love mine with a bit of honey + coconut milk for a real treat.  

Organic or wild ingredients: nettle leaf, raspberry leaf, peppermint, oat straw, cardamom

2 oz weight makes approximately 40 cups.

To make: Shake the bag to distribute herbs. Place 2 teaspoons of herbs in a tea bag, tea infuser, tea pot, or mason jar for each cup of tea desired. Top with hot water and steep for 20 minutes. Best steeped while covered. My favorite way to make medicinal teas is in a covered mason jar to retain all of the magical healing properties. Strain (press the water out of the herbs for maximum plant magic), sweeten if desired (a touch of honey is divine) + enjoy!