Flower Magic Ceremony

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Flower Magic Ceremony

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Take a deep dive into the magical + healing world of flowers. The Flower Magic Ceremony offering includes:

☾ A 30 minute video call* intake with Natalia to discover the underlying shadows that a flower magic ceremony can transform for you. 

☾ A 1oz custom flower essence blend, created in ceremony after our meeting, mailed to your home. 

☾ A written card listing the flowers used in your essence and the magic they hold for you.

☾ A customized ceremony written just for you to enhance the power and healing magic of your flower essence. You will receive a paper copy of your ceremony to complete at home.  

Flower essences are a form of vibrational plant medicine. They are created by infusing fresh, vibrant flowers in spring water and sun or moonlight. The result is an energetic imprint of the flower, containing its life force and healing powers, yet no plant constituents. This unique preparation powerfully works under the surface, on the energetic level, to shift old patterns, remove blocks, heal past wounds, and open us to new ways of being.

I find them particularly powerful for working on our shadow selves, in the darker cracks and spaces we may not be that intimate with, yet we feel holding us back.

This offering will give you a chance to explore anything you feel challenging you from reaching your most fulfilling life in a deeply sacred way. After a cozy chat, I will formulate a flower essence blend completely unique to you. This is a remedy you can take over the coming months. Along with your essence, I will also create an accessible ceremony for you to complete. The ceremony will solidify your goals for working with your particular flowers and amplify the power of your essence. Your essence and ceremony will be mailed to your home a few days after our session.

Flower essences alone are magical. Ceremony alone is incredibly powerful. Together, they are beyond transformative. 

Flower essences do contain small amounts of alcohol as a preservative. If you require an alternate preservation method, just let me know.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about booking your session. 

Once you purchase a session, I will contact you to book a time for our meeting. You may also contact me to book a time and then purchase this listing, but payment is required before we meet. 

Shipping is charged on this order to cover the cost of sending your flower essence. 

Please read my policies when booking.

*Zoom is a simple to use video chat that we'll use for our call — I'll email you a link to join our call before our appointment.