Life In Ceremony - Anointing Oil

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Life In Ceremony - Anointing Oil

Sacred plant oils have been used for centuries throughout the world for ceremony + ritual. I find that using the same scents again and again before I step into a sacred practice brings a very special meaning to that blend. All I have to do is get a quick whiff and I am immediately transported back into ceremonial space. Scents are powerful!! And I wanted this to be that to come back to time and time again before ceremonial that sets the stage for sacred work. 

I blended this scent with sacred essential oils that awaken our inner guidance system, heighten our awareness, and ground us before stepping in to sacred space. All of these aspects are essential for effective ceremony. 

The scent itself is woody and slightly sweet with a touch of clean lemony citrus. 

All of my aromatherapy products are blended according European blending methods at safe dilutions to avoid sensitization or irritation.

To use: Shake well to mix. Use on pulse points, third eye + over the heart. Breathe deeply in prayer before stepping in to ceremony.

Essential oils are much more subtle than chemical fragrances, so re-apply as desired to keep the fragrance fresh.

Comes in a .35oz glass roller bottle. Currently, my bottles include white caps instead of the gold seen in the photo. Please reuse or recycle.

pesticide-free jojoba oil + essential oils of rosewood, frankincense, lemongrass + peru balsam

Not recommended during pregnancy or for individuals with high blood pressure.