Crystalline Highlighter

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Crystalline Highlighter

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Shine a little bit brighter! This very simple blend of ingredients gives a mighty glow. For ceremony, celebrations, and nights out, this beautiful, light lavender shimmer adds a touch of shine without looking totally unnatural. You can use it anywhere--it's face, lip + eye safe.

☾ This adds the perfect highlight in the sweet little dimple between your nose and lips.
☾ I love it on my lips (alone or layered with lipstick)
☾ Looks divine on the chest and collar bones
☾ Mega moisture and shine from coconut oil
☾ Herbal skin healing from calendula

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic calendula flowers, beeswax, mica + titanium dioxide.

If you don’t enjoy the long lasting shine and moisture of coconut oil, this may not be for you. Since coconut oil varies in consistency depending on the temperature, the texture of the shimmer may change based on your climate.

Comes in a 1/4oz glass jar. Please reuse or recycle.