About Sacred Botanica

Sacred Botanica Aromatherapy

Sacred Botanica is an enchanting blend of all that I love about this beautiful world.

From sacred elements for use in ceremony to deeply soothing herbal therapeutics, I offer products that I love to use in my life and I want to share this magic with you.

Plants are amazing allies and incredible agents of transformation. I am constantly humbled by their power and grace. I work with plants + pachamama (the spirit of mother earth) in ayni, or sacred reciprocity. This practice means giving more than I take and always making generous offerings of gratitude. I find that this brings my creations to a new level of power and potential. 

I strive to live a healthy, earth-centered life and this shines on through my work, using organic + ethically wildcrafted ingredients along with sustainable packaging and re-purposed or recycled shipping materials. 

A note to my vegan friends: I love you and I love our sweet bees! It is my belief that supporting ethical bee farmers is imperative to sustain bee populations and their essential place in our ecosystem. I also hold incredible gratitude for the powerful healing that bee products offer. Therefore, I do use bee products in some of my goods with deep thanks and in celebration of the amazing bees. I honor your beliefs deeply as I hope you will honor mine. That being said, many of my products are fully vegan!

This shop is my soul's dream. May its contents inspire yours.

Sacred Botanica Products