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The Transformation Ceremony Kit

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The Transformation Ceremony Kit

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Sometimes we find ourselves thrown off course due to major life transitions. Other times, we've just been so busy with the hustle and bustle of daily life that we forget our original goals and dreams. And in other circumstances, we find ourselves challenged to the core with the way life is unfolding. In any of these experiences, shifting your energy and reconnecting to your soul's desires is an essential practice. 

Taking a sacred moment to release our burdens + heavy energy and to then plant the seeds of our dreams for the coming days can truly be life changing. 

The Transformation Ceremony Kit was created to give you everything you need for a ceremony of releasing your challenges and calling in new blessings. 

Each item in the kit was carefully handcrafted or selected to amplify the power of your intentions with a little help from magical plants, stones + spirit!

The Transformation Ceremony Kit Includes:

☾ 1 - beeswax tea light candle to awaken the sacred

☾ 1 - stick of palo santo to energetically cleanse yourself + your space

☾ 1 - 10 ml Winds of Change - Ceremonial Aromatherapy Blend - to awaken your spirit + amplify your intentions. It contains cypress for easing transitions, tulsi to purify, protect + uplift, and neroli to clear negative thoughts. Grapefruit rounds out and sweetens the scent while balancing and further uplifting your spirit.

☾ 1 - 2 oz tin of Plant Blessings to create a beautiful, deliciously fragrant, offering to spirit. Each plant within was chosen for its magic:

Anise: Used to call spirit to assist you in ceremony. It also purifies and protects.
Blessed Thistle: Used for protection + strength and makes for a wonderful offering to earth spirits.
Blue Vervain: Offers the gifts of purification, good luck, healing + protection, and enhances the energy of the blend as a whole. It is an amplifier of prayer in ceremony. A truly magical plant, it also helps to align you with your highest path. 
Lavender: Used for clarity, harmony, and to relax you during ceremony. 
Hyssop: Clears negative energy, purifies + protects. 
Carnation: A wonderful flower for transitions and rebirthing. 
Rose: Included because ceremony should always be an act of great love.

☾ 1 - moonstone to add to your offering + hold your prayers (each will be unique but similar to the photos). It's also to be used as a keepsake to remember the intentions you set forth in ceremony.

☾ 1 - reversible card - one side shares ceremony instructions + the other is for writing out your intentions

Everything comes packed in a recycled paper box (5"x5"x3") with recycled paper filler. It's a complete ceremony in a box, ready to gift to yourself or someone you love!

Winds of Change Ingredients:
Pesticide free jojoba oil and high quality therapeutic grade essential oils of grapefruit, cypress, tulsi + neroli. 

Tulsi essential oil is not recommended during pregnancy and should be avoided if susceptible to epilepsy.

Please place the candle on a plate and burn your items safely.

Enjoy in love + devotion.