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Shamanic Day Dream

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Shamanic Day Dream
Shamanic Day Dream was inspired by my journey on the Andean Shamanic path. The concept of "dreaming your world into being" is a foundation of many shamanic cultures. It is a daily practice of envisioning + creation, of prayer + offering. The shaman understands that if you are not dreaming your own world, you are living someone else's dream.

A simple, daily visioning practice is powerful and quite necessary to keep us on a fulfilling path. Shamanic Day Dream is an ally in this, calling on specific plants to amplify our outcomes. This blend combines sacred plant essences that ground us, bring clarity, and align our dreams with reality + spirit.

The scent itself has hints of citrus and herbs with a generous helping of the holy woods of palo santo and cedar. It is earthy + worldly (thanks to vetiver) and very sacred.

Use it in meditation and shamanic journeying practices to amplify the vision of your fulfillment. 

All of my aromatherapy products are blended according European blending methods at safe dilutions to avoid sensitization or irritation.

To use: Tap the bottom of the bottle to mix. Use on pulse points and breathe deeply in prayer for mediation + visioning practices.

Essential oils are much more subtle than chemical fragrances, so re-apply as desired to keep the fragrance fresh.

Comes in a .35oz glass roller bottle. Currently, my bottles include white caps instead of the gold seen in the photo. Please reuse or recycle.

pesticide free jojoba oil and high quality therapeutic grade essential oils of palo santo, clary sage, cedarwood, vetiver + grapefruit.

Use caution with citrus essential oils and sun exposure as they may cause photosensitivity. Not recommended during pregnancy.