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Ceremony Tea

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Ceremony Tea

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Sacred Botanica’s signature herbal tea!

Ceremony tea is blended to set the stage for sacred work. Stepping into ceremony is a vibrational shift and plants can be incredible allies to support us in making the transition from the ordinary to the sacred. These plants were brought together to do just that. 

Plants with a deep history of holy reverence, plants that bring us into our heart space, plants that clear the mind and ground the body - this tea gifts you all of this. And, it tastes amazing — fragrant with slight hints of spice, citrus + florals.

It’s a wonderful cup to enjoy before meditation + visioning work, to begin your new or full moon rituals, or to share with others to unite in ceremonial vibration. 

Organic or wild ingredients: holy basil, lemon balm, rose, wood betony + passionflower.

Ceremony loose tea is available in a 2 oz weight bag and makes approximately 24 large, strongly medicinal cups.

To make: Shake the bag to distribute herbs. Place 1 tablespoon of herbs in a tea bag, tea infuser, tea pot, or mason jar for each cup of tea desired. Top with hot water and steep for 5-20 minutes. Best steeped while covered. My favorite way to make medicinal teas is in a covered mason jar to retain all of the magical healing properties. Strain (press the water out of the herbs for maximum plant magic), sweeten if desired (a touch of honey is divine) + enjoy! 

Wood betony is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation