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The Birthday Ceremony Kit

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The Birthday Ceremony Kit

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Birthdays are very special. I love the traditions we carry around celebrating our special day--cake, candles + wishes! 

But we're often celebrating these moments in public settings and our birthday wish may feel rushed or only lightly thought out.

One of my favorite ways to celebrate my birthday is with an intention setting ceremony. I love to bring some sacred attention to my desires for the coming year and to really spend some quality time devoted to this practice (rather than just a quick wish over a cupcake!).

My intention for The Birthday Ceremony Kit was to offer a simple yet profound ceremony for birthday wishes and prayers. Because of my work in the Andean Shamanic tradition, this ceremony involves an exchange with spirit; an offering of love and an opening to receive. It is an active prayer and a visually beautiful one.  

I also wanted to create this as a really sweet gift. I love sharing thoughtful birthday presents to give my loved ones the opportunity to really sit with their desires and consciously work to bring them into reality. 

The Birthday Ceremony Kit Includes:

☾ 1 - beeswax tea light candle to awaken the sacred

☾ 1 - stick of palo santo to energetically cleanse yourself + your space

☾ 1 - 10 ml Wishes Come True - Ceremonial Aromatherapy Blend - to awaken your spirit + amplify your manifestation

☾ 1 - 2 oz tin of Floral Confetti to create a beautiful offering to spirit (flower petals may change with the seasons, but each tin will be filled with color + beauty)

☾ 1 - crystal to add to your offering + hold your prayers (each will be unique but similar to the photos)

☾ 1 - reversible card - one side shares ceremony instructions + the other is for writing out your birthday intentions

Everything comes packed in a recycled paper box (5"x5"x3") with recycled paper filler. It's a complete ceremony in a box, ready to gift to yourself or someone you love!

Wishes Come True Ingredients:
Pesticide free jojoba oil and high quality therapeutic grade essential oils of sweet orange, benzoin, basil + amyris sandalwood. 

Basil essential oil is not recommended during pregnancy. 

Please place the candle on a plate and burn your items safely.

Enjoy in love + devotion.