Walking With Spirit

I hope you are having a wonderful week. As I've been gratefully collecting an abundance of citrus from my yard, I've been pondering...

Sacred Reciprocity

Last year, I began a practice of making an offering of gratitude from my medicine bag (usually of sage, tobacco, lavender & roses) each time I pick fruits from my trees. My lime tree is now covered in fresh blossoms and I can't help but think that it is even more abundant this year with our deepened relationship. I think that it is an important practice, to give back to the earth before we take anything. It's not hard to look around and see that our earth has been deeply mistreated and it is time we make a change. And larger change always begins at the personal level.


  • How beautiful, Wendy!! I am inspired by your relationship with your land! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. PS—congratulations on your site launch! It looks fabulous!


  • I love your words and visuals Natalia! And this post particularly resonates. When my husband and I cut down dead standing trees for our log home, we would sing songs to the trees as they came down. Even thought they were “dead” it felt right to give thanks and respect. We have been fortunate in always finding good trees and being safe, I too think it is because of being “in relationship”.
    And now I should remember to recognize them in my walls. Thank you!


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