The Greatest Act of Love

Natalia Karoway

Apu Asungate

I had the immense blessing of spending most of this month in Peru with dear friends and beautiful medicine people. It was an absolute privilege that I am still holding close to my heart. It is difficult to find words for the experiences of healing, ceremony and deep soul medicine, but I want to do my best to share some sparkles of the magic.

Lessons in Letting Go

In ceremony, we were handed an opportunity. We were asked to toss our favorite healing stone into a sacred lagoon - The Eye of Otorongo - a powerhouse of transformation and healing. How deeply could we drop our material attachment and open up to the new gifts that this pilgrimage would offer? Naturally, I tried to make excuses for my favorite stone, that I needed it for my clients...that this one's power helped them the most. I've already used it in ceremony here in Peru, it's growing in power and will need to come home with me. I'll pick my second favorite, that will do just fine.

Eye of Otorongo

Then my teacher's words echoed in my head: "make it your greatest act of love". In that moment, there was no option. There was no attachment--only a prayer of my love & devotion to this medicine path. And in a second, my favorite stone was gone without a sliver of regret.

And to no surprise, on the way down from the mountain, I found its replacement--a heart shaped beauty that fit perfectly in my hand. I felt it vibrate in the way stones that are meant for me always do. With an exchange of kintus (a coca leaf offering) I've been holding that stone close ever since. And who knows, one day this stone may be tossed, lost or given away. That's just fine with me. To me, there has been no more beautiful and simple lesson in letting go of attachment and the gifts that will always follow.

Sacred Treasures from Ausungate

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