Settling Down and A New Video

Natalia Karoway

Hey lovelies! I'm finally settling down after my epic drive from Florida to Oregon. After a few weeks of living out of suitcases, I'm getting cozy in Portland, in a little apartment within a sweet neighborhood. I couldn't be happier! Months ago I made a list of everything I was looking for in a new city, way before Portland even came on the radar for me. A few months later, when I read it to a friend, she said I could find everything I was looking for here (except for the heat and the sunshine) and she was right! So despite being a bit on the cool side, I am in heaven, walking a couple of blocks to pick up organic produce and juice at a neighborhood farmer's market, walking to Whole Foods & Trader Joe's, finding new raw snacks at the local co-op and enjoying gourmet dinners at Blossoming Lotus.

After barely unpacking, I dove right back where I left off, in major production mode.  Fingers crossed, I'll have not one, but two new books being released this summer.  I can't wait to share the good news!  As I plow through these projects, I don't want to leave you hanging the whole time, so I pulled out a video I filmed while traveling.  With just a few handy tools and ingredients, check out how well I eat even when I'm on the road.  Let me know if you have a chance to try this on one of your summer trips!


Here's the recipe so you don't have to keep rewinding!

Traveler's Chia Pudding

10 ounces water
2-3 tablespoons of nut butter (cashew or macadamia are my fave)
2 tablespoons of honey
3-4 tablespoons of chia seed (the more you use, the thicker the result)

Blend the water, nut butter and honey until smooth.  Pour into a bowl and whisk in the chia seed.  Let stand 5-10 minutes to thicken.  Stir in your favorite fresh fruit!   


  • Well, we aren’t traveling right now, but my daughters (4 and 2) watched this with me and wanted to make this immediately.
    I stirred in the chia seeds and said ok, now we wait a little bit…

    “About ten minutes,” my 4 yr old piped up

    We’re about to dig in!

    Kai ~ thecatinthetree

  • I can feel the yummy factor in your video. Love it! xoxo


  • Thanks, Amber! I didn’t realize BL had closed the Hawaii location! Sad! Let me know if you ever get up this way and we’ll have to meet there for dinner :)


  • SO jealous of your Blossoming Lotus! I LOVED the one on Kauai and was so sad when it closed! I’m certain you’ll love Portland! Can’t wait for the new books!!! Blessings! :)


  • Thanks for adding the written recipe.

    I saw you at the Raw Food Festival at Sweetwater Farm in Tampa last April. Your talk really inspired me to add more raw foods to my diet. Thanks for all you do!


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