Reflecting on Ceremony

Shamanic Despacho Ceremony

As you well know, ceremony is a key tool that I return to again and again for transformation in my life. I wanted to share a few thoughts that came to me after my last ceremony.

"When I’m confused. When I’m fearful. When I’m lost. When I’m sad… When I want to celebrate. When goodness has come… When I’m looking to create or awaken something new… I turn to ceremony. I make heartfelt offerings of beauty to all of spirit & pachamama. I bring my questions. I bring my prayers. I ask for clarity. I ask for openings. I ask for wisdom. I sit in reverence and gratitude for all that is...for all that I already have. I do this regularly. And you know what? Not once have I ever thought “that was a waste of time” or “this time it didn’t work”. Spirit always delivers. Answers always come.  Doors always open. Blessings always arrive. Ceremony is something that we all have access to. This opportunity to commune with spirit is our birthright. We all pray in different ways. This is mine."

May you be inspired to find your own unique path to prayer!

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