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Natalia Karoway

March 3 - 15 Here's where I jam 2 weeks into one post! What happened? How can a routine so easily be broken? An unexpected weekend away quickly snowballed into falling behind on so many levels. Yet it was a grand lesson in going with the flow, letting go and distinguishing between what must be accomplished right away and what can wait.

A couple of weekends ago, Adam and I spent some time in Massachusetts with family. Adam's grandfather passed away so we quickly packed our bags and hopped on a plane. We attended services to say farewell and to celebrate the life of a man who touched us both deeply through his love for life and the people that surrounded him. Archie Mills will be missed by many!

Eating 100% raw while traveling was difficult for us back in the beginning, but we're seasoned pros now and can easily adapt. I had already made flax crackers, had all the fixings for a yummy trail mix and grabbed some fresh fruit, so our travel bag was full of goodies. The services we attended were just outside Boston, and Massachusetts is becoming a little raw food restaurant hot spot. We were able to visit Grezzo for the first time with my Mom and we were all really impressed. We shared a bit of everything and highlights were the virgin bloody mary (OMG this was soooo good, juicy, spicy, salty, mmmmm), Greek Pizzeta and of course, the brownie sundae. We left so satisfied. There's not much I enjoy more than sharing a delicious raw meal that requires no work on my part!

We stayed at my mom's house and while there, she asked if I would show her how to make a green smoothie. You should have seen how happy that made me. It is my greatest pleasure to inspire good health through food. I whipped one up for her right before she headed out for work and she loved it! Mom--have you made another one yet? Hope so!

Back in Florida, it took me days to adjust. Air travel is tough on me. Sometimes I feel that parts of my being are just on a completely different schedule than others and that I'm not fully back in my body for a few days after landing. So, that made for a few very unproductive days. Oh well, I'm trying to go easy on myself, so I caught up on rest and just accepted the process. By the end of the week, I was back on my game, working in the kitchen on some new book recipes. The weekend rolled around and I still had a lot to catch up on, but I made room for play! Friday night was blindfolded trance dance. Yeah! I always love getting out of my head and into my body. Thanks Ishavara & friends for creating a safe space for our community! That night ended over raw cheesecake with friends. Awesome! Saturday of course included a trip to the farmer's market. This week's favorite pick: edible flowers! Yes, Worden brought nasturtiums which played a huge role in my Saturday afternoon book photo shoot. My last responsibility for the week was putting the finishing touches on my soon to be famous raw cake! Our friend Suzanna threw the sweetest surprise birthday for Cylleria at mi Pueblo and I was commissioned for birthday cake. I've perfected my recipe and I'm very proud of it. When I made a cake for another friend's birthday months ago, Cylleria mentioned the idea of chocolate and raspberry, so that's just what she got. Two layers of chocolate cake, filled with chocolate icing and raspberry jam, frosted in chocolate and topped with chocolate stars. Happy Birthday Cylleria!

Waking up on Sunday, it was absolutely gorgeous out. No matter how much Adam and I planned to do, we couldn't pass up a few hours at the beach. After a huge green juice, we headed to Siesta Key to soak up some sun. We met up with Jerah & friends and I felt so excited to be warm & back in the sand. I'm hoping this is a preview of many more weekends to come! So much fun with friends in sunny Florida!

Dash of inspiration:

Throw a surprise birthday party for someone you love. Everyone deserves to feel that special & surprises are fun for everyone involved.

Enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you. Put down your work and get out and play!

Wishes of Bliss!


  • Oh your day is coming up fast! I would love to share cake with you & I’m sure we will someday soon!


  • OMGoodness, that cakes looks just Divine…and YUMMY!!! My birthday is 3/23…hint, hint. Just kidding. Glad you guys had a safe trip, welcome home!


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