Plant Magic for Shadow Work

Natalia Karoway

Shadow self

This month’s Full Blue Moon / Super moon is a total lunar eclipse. As the moon is shadowed, we can use this time for self-reflection to explore our own shadows —our darker and unconscious aspects. How deep are you willing to go? With practice, you can see in the dark. Call on the plants to assist! Shadow work is some of the most profound healing we can do in this life.

Plant Magic for Exploring Your Shadow

  • Try Black Eyed Susan Flower essence: This beauty can support you in gaining incredible insight and clarity by shining a light on your shadows. Awareness is key in shadow work. With awareness, we can make different choices, choose a different path. And we can offer love and compassion to the wounded parts of ourselves.
  • Brew up some mugwort + rose tea and sip before bed. Sleep with an amethyst crystal and ask to be shown shadow aspects of yourself in dreams — and how you can work towards healing. 
  • Diffuse or make an anointing oil with essential oils of Peru balsam, cinnamon, clary sage, cypress, and/or sandalwood. Meditate while inhaling the scent with the intention of discovering a shadow piece that is ready to be transformed.* 
  • Book a Flower Magic Ceremony and work with your custom flower essence!


* The essential oil suggestions were gifted to me via journeying, but I later went looking for confirmation, as I make a habit of doing to ensure I am sharing the most helpful information. The following tidbits from Valerie Ann Worwood's "Aromatherapy for the Soul" provided a beautiful validation. 

  • Peru Balsam - Its soft warm fragrance fills the spaces that have remained cold, untouchable, and unreachable, allowing the opening up of the heart, without recrimination, in trust, and without judgement. 
  • Cinnamon - Love, in all its many guises, speaks through cinnamon to touch those hidden areas of the self that we have denied love access to. 
  • Clary Sage - Clary sage whispers to us, be at ease and focus on contacting the inner spirit. 
  • Cypress - With great direction, cypress helps connection with the wisdom of the universe... it empathizes with suffering... and can be used for moving on.
  • Sandalwood - Sandalwood brings our wisdom into a meditative state, quieting us so we can hear and rejoice in the choral singing of the universal soul.

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