Nothing Short of Amazing

Natalia Karoway

Oh it's April!!!
This morning I awoke to a warm breeze, strong rays of sun and the luscious scent of citrus blossoms in the air. Heaven! I stayed in bed for a bit, basking in gratitude for the all the joy in my life. The past few weeks have been crazy busy, but nothing short of amazing. I've wanted to blog about so many individual occurrences, but time has been tight and my to-do list is oh so long. So I'll just share the highlights of the last few weeks.

One of my dreams came true a few weeks ago on my way into the grocery store. Sounds funny, but it's true. I was recognized from my blog by a lovely woman I was just meeting for the first time. She happened to be shopping for ingredients to make one of my recipes. I couldn't have been more honored. I've been diligently writing and posting recipes on my site since last July and it's so nice to know that people are trying them. Really, I couldn't be happier! That one moment, pure synchronicity, left me so high for the rest of the day & beyond.

The universe had gifted me a handful of new clients and also a bunch of dessert orders in March. It's amazing to see the workings of the universe. I was so close to renting a commercial kitchen space beginning in April but with the help of my wise goddess friends, I was reminded of my original goals and set back on track. The universe then offered up the clients I needed to support the dream of completing my recipe book, rent free. Overwhelmed with ***GRATITUDE***, I made more cakes, cheesecakes, bars & cookies. I realized that dessert orders are my absolute favorite to fill which is fabulous information as I look towards the future of my business.

Another dessert order went to my soul sister Wendy for a very special occasion, which I was blessed to attend. A talented storyteller, actress and healer, Annie Morrison performed Trevor's Fire, a moving story inspired by Wendy's gifted son. It was an intimate gathering and a divinely chosen audience. Much of the story focused on the power of dreams. For the following week, I myself began to have powerful dreams with messages that came true to an unbelievable amount of detail. Woah!!!

Let's see, what else. Oh yeah, I accepted a new gig as the Sarasota Raw Food Examiner where I will be able to share recipes, tips, product reviews and more! I'm really excited about this opportunity to keep spreading the raw love!

So those are the main things keeping me busy (and happy!) this spring. There's also been fabulous raw pizzas and daily green smoothies to keep me satisfied in the food department.

As I finish this blog post, I will have accomplished everything on my to-do list for today, a massive accomplishment considering the intensity of the past few weeks. I even made time for a late afternoon walk with my honey on this gorgeous day. Now time for a late bite to eat (oops, not again!) and a little, much deserved (if I do say so myself) R&R.

Dash of inspiration:

Have the courage to compliment a stranger. You never know when you might be making someone's dream come true!

Be open to what the universe has in store for you. Try not to push against the natural flow and trust that your highest good is always accounted for.


  • I love your dashes of inspiration, thanks!


  • “Be open to what the universe has in store for you. Try not to push against the natural flow and trust that your highest good is always accounted for.”

    Thank you Natalia, I really needed that!

    Congrats to you for all your good fortune.


  • All this good info in one place is hard to come by, I appreciate being able to find such good information all in one place.

    Leroy Boyington

  • Thank you, Sarah! I just got around to another entry, so 2 more dashes are up! :)


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