New Moon Ceremony - Priority Shift

New Moon Ceremony for Resetting Priorities

This month's new moon ceremony is all about making a priority shift. Let's set some intention and put some strong lunar energy behind those soul desires that have been sitting on the back burner. Here we go. Priority Shift Materials:

  • paper
  • scissors
  • pen
  • string or stones
  • tin pie plate
  • epsom salt
  • rubbing alcohol
  • matches
  • flowers/candles or else anything you wish to add to your sacred space

Set your sacred space with music, candles, sage, whatever speaks to you! Tune into your breath and get centered.

New Moon Ceremony for Resetting Priorities

Cut your paper into pieces about 2" in squares, circles, hearts…whatever you wish. Write down everything you have been giving your energy to and everything you want to be giving your energy to. Think small & large…for example: current work, family, self-care & future goals for career, relationship, health, etc. Use a separate square of paper for each item. Lay out a circle with with your string or stones. On the inside of the circle, place all the papers that represent where your energy has been focused. On the outside, place all the papers that represent where you want your energy focused, but haven't been able to follow through yet. Sit with this for a moment to honor where you are right now.

Now, time for a shift!

New Moon Ceremony for Resetting Priorities

Take everything out of the center of the circle that you don't want to give your energy to anymore. We will take these papers to the fire. Fill your tin pie plate with a 1" layer of epsom salts. Top with rubbing alcohol that just covers the salt. Safely light your small fire. Be careful--these fires burn hot & fast. If you use too much alcohol, you'll get big flames. With the intention of releasing and freeing up your energy, it is time to burn each paper that you removed from your circle. Breathe your intention of releasing this energy into each piece of paper before burning. Let it all go. Sit with the fire until it naturally completes. These fires burn fast. With all of this freed up energy, look at the papers outside of the circle. Which items could you take some forward action on this month? It's okay to be both realistic & dreamy. Though you will need to take some concrete action steps on these items, the action steps can be small. Move these papers into the center of the circle. You may choose to leave a few outside of the circle if you are not sure how to take action quite yet--and that's okay! They've been given some start up energy just by being brought into ceremony.

New Moon Ceremony for Resetting Priorities

Review everything that is in the center of the circle. How does it feel? Does it need any other shifting? Take a moment to refine and sit with it until everything feels just right--until everything in the center of the circle is truly where you want to give your sacred energy! Take a few moments to freely journal and set intention for some action steps that will move your energy in the direction of making your circle your reality. Think about the items you moved from the outside of the circle to the inside. What love & attention do they need to come into full form? Create your sacred to-do list and follow through!

New Moon Ceremony for Resetting Priorities

When you are complete, you can gather up your papers and put them in your journal or on a vision board if you choose. Just make sure to take action!

Happy new moon! Here's to living the life of your dreams, starting today! 


  • Awesome!! So glad you gave it a try, Lynn :)


  • Just finished my ceremony. feeling refreshed-thanks so much


  • You are so welcome, Lori! Thank you for giving it a try!!


  • Wonderful new moon ceremony Natalia…Thank you!

    Lori Andrus

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