New Moon Ceremony - Honoring your Messengers

New Moon Power Animal Ceremony

The inspiration for this month's new moon ceremony came loudly! For the past 2 weeks, I have been dreaming of different animals every single night. It's been magical & mystical in many ways. My favorite would have to be the flock of crows I saw with striking red feathers highlighting their traditional black plumage. The animal messengers have been coming in waking hours, too. I felt so blessed to have a bald eagle encounter at a very low flying distance. Following that experience there were at least two powerful eagle dreams. I felt inspired to honor the spirit of the eagle for sharing its magic with me. To me, the eagle speaks of ultimate freedom, higher perspective, seeing all opportunities and flying with spirit. Yes, I am welcoming this energy!

New Moon Power Animal Ceremony

Honoring Your Messengers What animal has been bringing its magic to you lately? Let's create an altar or offering to honor the spirit of this animal. This can be done any way that feels right to you! You can create this outdoors as an offering on the earth or indoors as an altar. Either way, you want to bring together objects that represent your messenger and your gratitude!

New Moon Power Animal Ceremony

As I was working with the eagle, I gathered some oracle cards with eagle images as the basis for my altar. I brought rose petals, corn and lavender in the shape of a rainbow as an offering to all of the magic in the sky. I chose a pine cone to represent the high tree tops that welcome eagles to nest. I placed my eagle rattle on the altar as well. I added a feathery looking branch and some quartz for more beauty. Set your sacred space with prayer and add each object with intention and reverence. Enjoy creating something beautiful to show your thanks to the animal spirit. In the coming week, watch for more magic to come your way! 


  • Thank you, Lora! I so appreciate your sweet words!! XO


  • Natalie, your posts are always SO beautiful in ever which way. Thank you for this! xo


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