New Moon Ceremony - Homecoming

Sacred Home Ceremony

This month's new moon ceremony is a reflection of my own personal journey. Having just arrived back to my home in Sarasota, FL after 2 years of traveling, it felt essential to reconnect with my land. I've had this ceremony in mind for months, since learning about the concept. In the Q'ero culture, a huanca is a tall stone placed in the earth to honor the ancestors of the land and to ensure the land's fertility. We can look at this fertility in broader terms for our own lives and think of connecting with the ancestors of our land, honoring them, and asking for their support in the metaphorical seeds that we will plant while living in this space. The huanca should be visited periodically and fed offerings to keep the connection alive and well. It's best to make offerings from natural items that are native to your land. Traditionally, the Q'ero will create despachos, or prayer bundles, and bury them at the site of the huanca.

Sacred Home Ceremony

The new moon that is rising today as I celebrate the move back to my land is a divine time to create my huanca. Yours can be created whenever you feel inspired to deepen your connection to the land on which you live and the spirit ancestors who walk by your side.



  • a pillar-like stone (mine is about 12" tall)
  • local land offerings (I used flowers growing around my yard)
  • dried sage leaves

Begin by finding a special place on your land to place the stone. When you have settled on your location, open sacred space with prayer & intention. Call on the ancestors of your land and let them know that this ceremony is dedicated to them. Place the stone on the land. Then, gather your offerings. If you are picking flowers and other items, leave the plants and trees with a sprinkling of sage in gratitude. Place the offerings around your stone, or bury them in the ground if desired. Place your prayer in each offering through your breath. Remember the intentions of honoring the ancestors and asking for their support in the fertility of this land. Once your offerings are complete, spend a few moments in prayer & gratitude. Visit your huanca every so often (perhaps at the new & full moons) and continue to bring offerings to remind the ancestors that they are not forgotten. Call on their energy to manifest your dreams! 

Sacred Home Ceremony

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