New Aromatherapy Blends in the Botanica

Natalia Karoway

Aromatherapy Blends

Winter has me missing + longing for my plant friends! Thank goodness for the beautiful + bright essential oils that have kept me connected to the plants even when a blanket of snow seemed to be covering everything! I've had a lot of fun creating aromatherapy roll-ons with varied intentions for the botanica and I am so pleased with the results. Here's a brief intro to these new magical plant oil blends!

Shamanic Day Dream This roll-on was blended to amplify the practice of dreaming your world into being. The scent features the holy woods of palo santo + cedar with hints of citrus + deep earth. It's what sacred smells like to me. Use it in meditation and shamanic journeying practices to amplify the visions and manifestations for your life.

North Star I dreamed up North Star to be a guiding light in our darkest hours. The plant oils included in this blend are known to gift us with comfort + joy and together, the fragrance is divine---a little floral, a little sweet, a little citrus + even a bit woodsy. I roll it on my wrists, bring my hands into prayer at my third eye, set an intention, and breathe deep. A final roll on my neck and I'm feeling reconnected to my inner light.

Peaceful Plants I created Peaceful Plants to take the edge off of stress, anxiety + worry. It blends calming + soothing plants like lavender + chamomile with vetiver which grounds us and gifts us with a sense of safety + security. Basil + benzoin add another layer of emotional support. Together, the scent is very herbaceous with a touch of sweetness and earth. More details on all of the blends are available in the shop!

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