Let's Be Real.

Natalia Karoway

I was in need of a an outdoor yoga photo for a flyer last week, so my husband and I drove to the local arboretum for some fun shots. Though Addie is my go-to photographer, she was on the other side of the country, so Adam generously filled in. We worked together until we felt we had a handful of good shots, but of course this handful was out of hundreds.

Taking yoga photos is more challenging than any other shoot I’ve been involved in! Of course I want to look my best, but now I’m finding myself critiquing every aspect of the pose down to the alignment of my fingers and toes. Wow!! There were a couple of times I completely fell out of some balance poses and since we had the camera on continuous shooting, we caught the best of this!

Once I got home to review the photos in more detail, I was seriously laughing my butt off. It was hilarious to have captured all of the action. I thought it would be fun to share, because honestly, it’s so unlike me. I love sharing the best side of myself—not the times when I fall and have to pick myself back up. But why not? Anything less than this is just not real.

Real Yoga

My life is beautiful but it is not a fantasy. I am human and there are challenges & messiness as well as success & a ton of joy. I want to be real with you and I want you to be real with me. I want to talk about our greatest desires from the depths our souls versus the weather and what’s on TV. I want to know who you truly are and I want you to know me. Let’s be real together. And let’s remember, when we see that perfect pose that our inspiration nailed in that photo shoot, remember it likely took a few falls and lots of practice to get to that point. And there’s a million real photos that will never see the light of day. This can be a metaphor for a lot more than yoga. That’s the reality of life.


  • Thanks so much for reading, Sophia!!


  • great blog! I had fun reading your blog and getting to know you. Totally agree – life isn’t perfect. :)


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