Keepin' it Raw on the Road!

Natalia Karoway

Holy Road Trip!
I've been in the car for seriously 4 days straight.  I've finally made it to Sedona (which is breathtaking!) and am greatly looking forward to relaxing & playing here for a couple of days.

In the foodie department, I came well prepared with raw food bars, crackers and trail mix, but gosh, all of that dry food can get boring.  I thrive off of fresh, water rich foods and no matter what, I make sure I can get them!  I packed my cooler with as much juicy watermelon, strawberries & blueberries as I could (oh yeah, & some cupcakes), but that fruit went fast.  And when it comes down to it, I'm a salad girl--I just want my greens!  At our first stop in Louisiana, I found a small (okay tiny) organic produce section in a big grocery store.  I was thrilled and scooped up some organic arugula!  Outside of a Starbucks just off the highway, with cars & trucks speeding on by, I whipped up a simple dressing of lemon, olive oil, salt & Bragg's sprinkle (my favorite all purpose seasoning) and tossed it up the arugula and some grape tomatoes.  Wow!  Super simple, but ultra fresh and comforting when you're traveling raw!  Don't forget to check in those bigger, traditional grocery stores for organics!  They're getting more  & more popular and I am grateful!

By the time I hit San Anotonio, I was back in the world of natural grocery stores, so I stocked up on my favorite travel food--avocados--along with apples, kiwis, more greens & tomatoes.  With the exception of the greens, none of these foods are taking up cooler space, which is ideal!  So I'm keeping it fresh & raw, even though I've been driving through the most remote areas I have EVER experienced.

Wishes of Bliss!

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