Honor the Waters

Doña Bernardina

Honor the Waters is a collective project from the love of my shamanic tribe! On our recent trip to Peru, we came up with the vision for honoring our earth's sacred waters in a special day of worldwide ceremony!

For the Autumn Equinox and World Gratitude Day, we invite you to our first Honor the Waters Global Ceremony and Celebration on Sept. 21. We will gather over 1,000 people in community and celebration to collectively offer deep gratitude and to increase our consciousness and appreciation of the incredible beauty, power, and importance of water in our lives and our world. I invite you to take a moment out of your day to intentionally honor the waters that nourish your entire being. This can be as simple as saying a prayer of gratitude with a glass of water that you drink or it can include creating a despacho or other offering to a local body of water. Learn more about Honor the Waters. You may even find a larger, collective ceremony taking place in your neck of the woods!

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