Full Moon Releasing Ceremony

Full Moon Printable

I love honoring the powerful energy of the full moon each month. This July, we are blessed with two full moons! The next one is coming up on July 31st. I've created a printable full moon releasing ceremony starter sheet as a pretty little prompt to help you accomplish some transformational self-healing work. Click here to print it!

Here is a powerful way to work with it:

1. Set up a simple altar with offerings like tobacco, herbs, chocolate or flowers.
2. Burn some smudging herbs to clear the energy. You can also mist a cleansing aromatherapy spray instead.
3. Call on spirit & the full moon for support in a vocal prayer. Gift your offerings to them. 4. Use the prompt sheet to write out what you wish to release under the light of the moon. It's best to focus on one specific prayer rather than make a list of a hundred little things. Put all of your devotion into really letting go of this one thing.
5. Fold the paper and hold it in your hands. Communicate with spirit & the moon, asking to release this energy once and for all. Use your breath to infuse the paper with this energy. Move it out of your body through your breath.
6. Burn the paper safely or tear it up and bury it in the earth.
7. Thank spirit and the full moon for their help. Release their energies in a prayer of gratitude.
8. Watch for the shifts that take place over the next few weeks! I hope this works wonders for you!


  • Thank you for this.


  • Hi Forest!! I think that’s a great idea for an upcoming blog post!! I will work on that :) In the meantime, this was helpful to me:


  • Hello Natalia – Could you please share how to make smudge wands ?Or direct do you have a blog entry on that ? Thank you.


  • You’re so welcome, Jordana! <3


  • This is great! Thank you!


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