Full Moon Ceremony - Purification

Energy Clearing Ceremony for the Full Moon

With this month's full moon, I felt called to create and energetically charge one of my favorite sacred tools: agua de florida, or flower water. Many shamans use the traditional Peruvian agua de florida in ceremony and for healing. It can be used as an offering to spirit and our ancestors, to cleanse heavy energy, or to clear a space. It is exceptionally purifying. We traditionally spritz the water by way of mouth. Our breath quite powerfully carries the intention of our spirit. Because of this, I choose to make my own mixture in order to know what I'm taking by mouth is safe (the traditional blend is technically a cologne). I use a blend of grain alcohol, rose water & food grade essential oils. Regardless of what you use, if you're not comfortable spritzing by mouth, you can alway use a spray bottle with strong focused intent. I prepare my flower water under the light of the full moon with abundant intention and gratitude. I make offerings of each plant to the moon before using my oils. I then leave the finished blend outside overnight to soak up the moonlight.

Energy Clearing Ceremony for the Full Moon

If you choose to make your own blend, I encourage you to use plant and flower oils with which you feel a connection. Bergamot, Neroli, Lemon, Cloves, Cinnamon, Lavender, Rose and Orange flower are traditional. I felt inspired to connect with some other plants, so for this batch, along with my rose water, I added ylang ylang, lemon, lavender and sage. You can follow the basics of my recipe as a guide, but allow yourself to experiment and play with the spirit of the plants that you have a relationship with. Let your spirit guide you…adding a little of this and a little of that until the fragrance is just right! The more connected and intentional you are with its creation, the more powerful your agua de florida will be! Agua de Florida Materials

  • 16 oz pure grain alcohol or vodka (higher proof alcohols create a finer mist when spritzing by mouth)
  • 8 drops ylang ylang essential oil
  • 8 drops lemon essential oil
  • 5 drops lavender essential oil
  • 3 drops sage essential oil
  • rose water to dilute 1:1

Find a spot to work under the moonlight, even if only by a window. Open sacred space with prayer & intention, extending gratitude to the moon whose energy you are calling on. One by one, make an offering of your oils, alcohol and rose water to the moon. I do this by sprinkling a drop of each on the earth. Mix your alcohol and essential oils in a glass jar. Shake well.

Energy Clearing Ceremony for the Full Moon

I choose to mix my rose water with the rest of the ingredient in smaller batches. Pour 1 part alcohol/essential oil mixture and 1 part rose water into a glass bottle. Shake well. Then, place your flower water outside to absorb some moonlight energy overnight. In the morning, collect your sacred water and close the space with gratitude. Experiment with spritzing the flower water in rooms of your house and take a moment to notice any changes in how the space feels. Mist yourself on a day you are feeling a bit off and see if your energy feels lighter. Remember to connect your intention to the mist each time you spritz. Continue to re-charge your blend when the full moon returns each month by placing it outside. Enjoy your new sacred purification tool!  

UPDATE 6.27.16 Funny how we need to revisit our own work from time to time and check to see if it's still in alignment! Since studying aromatherapy, I no longer believe in the idea of food grade essential oils. Research from classical aromatherapists (not MLM distributors) suggests the the internal use of essential oils is simply not safe and is completely unnecessary. So, I'd rather say here that we are using oils that are not going to cause irritation to the mucous membranes of the mouth with light usage. This recipe is also a rather low dilution of essential oils and therefore adds another level of safety. Though, we still don't want to be drinking this stuff even though it is much safer than the traditional cologne. I also had noted in the comments that I had been using Young Living oils. I no longer use oils from MLM's and instead choose Floracopeia and some other smaller distributors who have close relationships with small, ethical distilleries.


  • Awesome, Edith!! Thanks for reading! XO


  • Love this!!! I have been using essential oils a lot lately. Enjoy learning a new way to use them! Thanks Natalia!!!!


  • Awww thank YOU, Shobha!!


  • I love the ingredients in your Florida Water recipe, especially the sage and lavender and such a wonderful and meaningful way to make it on the full moon night. Thank you so much. Shobha:-)


  • Hi Susan! That’s a great question! I do not have an exact recipe, but my teacher always suggests infusing local aromatic herbs in alcohol to make your own spirit water. Depending on where you live, gather the herbs in ceremony, place in a jar and cover with alcohol. Leave until fragrant, then strain. I’m still using oils myself but if I get a good herbal recipe down I will be sure to post!!


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