Full Moon Ceremony - Building Bliss

Building Bliss Ceremony

The August full moon rises on the 20th. The Power Path shares:

"There is a lot of energy that can be harnessed for your intentions and projects. So it is a good time for a community project where everyone pitches in to get something accomplished. Balance this day with some quality alone time to spend in gratitude for all that you have, and social time with others where you can re-inspire each other around your individual projects and intentions. Because the energy is high, it would be a good idea to spend some time on Mother Earth. Focus on grounding and getting support from the earth."

My August full moon ceremony is a wonderful one to share with others, be it one friend, your whole family, or a larger community. It's about energizing intentions and amplifying them for one another, alongside the powerful support of the earth & full moon. It's very simple & beautiful, and you can gather everything you need right from the earth!

Building Bliss


  • outdoor space to work
  • a few stones that call to you
  • a pile of small sticks, all about the same size (at least a few for each person participating)
  • flowers
  • offerings for the earth, like sage, lavender, tobacco, etc. (If you pick flowers or take other materials from your surroundings, be sure to leave a small offering of gratitude for the gifts!)

Begin by sitting in a circle and taking some collective breaths to connect to one another and form a community bond. Tune into the space and welcome the sacred energies of the land on which you are working.

Building Bliss Ceremony

Pass around the stones you have chosen to work with. You don't need one for each person; a few shared stones will work perfectly. These stones are for recognizing your core values and sharing gratitude for the beauty that has already manifested in your life. Using your breath to share what is most important and what you are most grateful for, breathe into the stones (as your spirit's joy rides on your breath). Pass the stones around until everyone has had a chance to infuse them with gratitude & prayer. Think good health, love, family, abundance, home, friends, safety, support…your true priorities in life. Give thanks and let spirit know that you are grateful and calling in more. Place the stones in the center of the space that you have chosen to work. Choose a collective flower as your offering to the earth. Again, passing it around and using your breath to infuse the flower with gratitude for the unconditional support of the earth beneath our feet. Once everyone has shared gratitude, place the flower on the stones. Next, pass the sticks around your circle and let everyone take a few. The sticks are vessels of prayer that you can again infuse with intention through the breath. What else are you looking to create in your life? Small or large, use this ceremony to energize it! Let each person place a prayer-infused stick around your stones, building a small square structure. Using care so it doesn't fall over, your gentle attention towards building a stable structure adds to the sacredness of the ceremony.

Building Bliss Ceremony

Continue to build until all participants have contributed at least one stick and perhaps you have even added sticks for members of your family or community that could not be present. You will have a strong knowing of when the structure feels complete. Finally, decorate the ceremonial structure with flowers, holding the intention of amplifying the prayers of everyone else who participated in the ceremony by your side. Sit in sacred silence for a moment, admire your structure and ground in your prayers. Leave the beauty you created for the earth to consume. Be open to the opportunities that follow in the coming week, showing you that your prayers have been heard and your dreams are beginning to manifest!

Building Bliss Ceremony


  • So sweet to hear from you, Jen!! I’m happy to hear you’ve had a beautiful summer! Many blessings to you!


  • Hi Natalia, Thank you! This will be a wonderful way to celebrate the beauty that is Cape Cod! I am so thankful for my month here, being in tune wit the tides, beautiful salty water, and friends.

    jen hilton

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