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Natalia Karoway

May, so far
Remember when I tried to post to my blog everyday? Ha! That was a good one. Now once a month seems hard! Wow. Well, I plan to try at least a couple times each month, but I'm just going with the flow here, so no promises! Between my new clients, my writing gigs, my recipe book and other surprise opportunities that keep presenting themselves, I'm BUSY! Last month, I really let that get to me, I was stressed to the max. I love what I do, every little bit of it, but I'm learning that I need to practice a simple little exercise: saying "no". I want to do it all, but I also want to be able to enjoy this beautiful place I live, my amazing husband and my fabulous friends. So I set the intention for May to be an easy, breezy month where I allow myself to pick and choose which opportunities make sense and those I can pass up, and of course to respect this decision without question. So far, it's been a tough practice for me! I want to please everyone and saying no can feel uncomfortable! Practice makes perfect, I know, so I just need to keep trudging through until it feels right. The fact of the matter is, saying no to another, is really a yes to me! I made a commitment to myself to finish my book this summer, and after what happened last month, I could see if I didn't make a change, that wasn't going to be possible. So a big YES to me, YES to finishing this book!!!

One of the opportunities that came my way and was an instant YES--filming videos with Modern Hippie Mag. One week I was saying to Adam that it's time I get into video media with my work and the next, Jaszy from Modern Hippie is asking me if I would want to do recipe demos on video for them. Ummmm, YES PLEASE! That's how it works when you're in the flow! We just filmed the second demo yesterday! Just in case you haven't seen the first one, here it is!

Another YES this month is joining up with The Green Girls. This is a super hip site inspiring an eco-conscious lifestyle through fashion, beauty, health, food, family, business, you name it, these ladies are covering it! I'm so honored to join these fabulous women as a raw food guru! For my first post, I shared a summery recipe for Tropi-Kale Stuffed Avocados. Another thanks to Jaszy on this one, for the connection!

In other news...I started the Glowing Temple Facebook Fan Page, finally! Yes, it was time. I'm working on some plans to do a fun giveaway soon! Connect with me there to keep updated on the details.

On the subject of keeping things easy breezy, that's certainly enough for right now! Whew!

Dash of inspiration:

Start saying YES to you! You can't keep giving to others if you're not taking the time to give to yourself.

Say what you want, right now, out loud. Are you open and ready to receive it? Do you believe it's happening right now? Can you lift any blocks that may be present? Open up to the flow!

Wishes of Bliss!

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  • A HUGE YES to your fab recipes and videos!! You are such a natural, we love working with you!


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