Ease this Holiday Season

Natalia Karoway

Shamanic Ceremony

We are entering the holiday season and though it should be a time of celebration, many of us see it as a season of stress and challenge. Top it off with the pain and sadness of the current world situations and it doesn’t take much to notice that everyone needs a little extra love and compassion right now. I wanted to share a few thoughts in hopes of inspiring more ease for my community in the rest of 2015.

☾ Return to Ceremony Many of us feel completely helpless right now. We are fearful, we are sad, we are angry, we are frozen and don’t know how to act. We really don’t know what to do when we hear about the Syrian Refugee Crisis or the latest act of terror. It is these moments that I find ceremony so crucial. Whether our intention is to send ripples of love and healing out to the world or to change our own energy of fear & sadness into hope & peace, ceremony is a way to dedicate time and energy to making change on the level of spirit. Ceremony is an active prayer that is far more powerful than sitting frozen in fear.

☾ Give Generously As we enter gift giving season, let us not forget the need of our neighbors both near and far. Spending $5-10 less per person that you gift would add up quickly to a generous donation to a cause of choice.

☾ Meditate When stress, fear or other challenges take over, it can be incredibly hard to return to a place of peace. I rely on this simple meditation, time & time again. It can even be done in the stall of the mall bathroom when holiday shopping has gone awry!

☾ Simplify Ask yourself what you really want to focus on this holiday season. Is it shopping like crazy, ambitiously cooking, and entertaining large amounts of guests? If you love that, I of course support you! But, would you be happier and more stress-free with a simple potluck gathering of family and friends where you exchange handmade or small business based gifts? Return to your intention for holiday celebrations and find a way to make them work for you. Say “no” where you need to and ask for help and support in your responsibilities. It’s not easy to break traditions or step out of our familial roles. A lot of us carry the “it is what it is” attitude. But we have the right to take care of ourselves and to make changes when necessary for our well being.

However you decide to celebrate and honor the holiday season, know that I am sending blessings for a very joyful one!


  • So sweet to hear from you, Heather! Thanks for reading! All is well, though chilly up here in MA! Hope you are doing great, too! XO


  • Hi Natalia,
    Thanks for the inspiring words & thoughts! I was sent this by someone on your mailing list who wanted to share. I hope all is well and you are enjoying your new location.
    With Much Gratitude~

    Heather Locklear

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