Natalia Karoway


Destiny. I believe. Do you?

In my hand (pictured here) is a bone that I found in Peru while descending from an epic pilgrimage to Apu Asungate. That trip was woah...incredible rites of passage, holy pushing my body beyond its limits, and more sacred than any other experience I've had in life. I loved finding this crescent moon keepsake. Of course it felt special and I keep it in my mesa as a connection to that mountain. But it wasn't until my sweetheart pointed something out that its true meaning appeared. Just over a year later, the bone crescent moon necklace pictured here over my heart was gifted to me as a symbol of stepping into life as an herbalist. It is used in many lineages of herbalism and my school carries this tradition. When I came home with this new piece Adam said it was just like the bone I found in Peru.

Wow. And my soul whispered "destiny".


  • Ohhhh Eliza! So happy you stopped by and shared! What a gorgeous reflection of crescent moon symbolism. Of course, I had to check out your site and how gorgeous! Your art is stunning. Very happy to connect with you! <3


  • Hi Natalia,
    So beautiful! I have recently been really drawn to the crescent moon as well, the symbol has come to me in a myriad of ways in the last year. For me, it represents the idea that my wholeness, my light is always there even when it’s mostly or entirely hidden and it reminds me to not forget about the possibilities that can manifest from that personal truth.

    I am really drawn to everything you are doing here on your site. I am a long time yoga student and have recently started studying shamanism and have been including more ceremony in my life. So it’s fun to find you and your beautiful words + messages! Thanks so much for sharing it!


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