Creating Sacred Space

How to Create Sacred Space

I love reminding my community that sacred space does not need to be limited to the confines of certain places. No matter where we are in any moment, we can create a sacred setting to perform the work of the soul. It can be quite simple to create sacred space, but I don’t mistake simplicity for something to hold lightly. I have a few keys for my own practice as well as for teaching others to create their own method. Of course, there are many paths to reach this one destination. I’m sharing what sings in my heart, inspired by the shamanic path and my own ceremonial experiences.

Intention Sacred space is set with strong and clear intention. Are you lighting the candles in a church for a wedding or setting up a simple altar for your yoga class? These events have different needs for intention and being clear about this will be a part of the ambiance you create. I always say my intention aloud in an opening prayer so there is no question about the direction where we are heading.

Soul Let your sacred space be a reflection of the vibrancy of your own soul. Let this radiance be seen, heard and even smelled. I do this with colors, candles, music, flowers, oils and crystals. You are setting the scene for beauty and transformation. No matter how simple you keep it, this vibrancy should be apparent right away in one form or another.

Spirit I always invite spirit into my sacred space. For me, this is the spirit of mother earth, the sun, moon and stars. I call to them in prayer and share my intention. I always share an offering of herbs or flowers with them in gratitude for their presence. Whatever your relationship to spirit or universal energy is, find a way to awaken it.

Safety When you are creating a sacred space to share with others, especially when doing transformational work, a sense of safety is what allows us to be fully open to the experience. Without this layer, soul work can only skim the surface. Creating a setting with physical comfort in mind, warmth in your speaking voice and love beaming from your open heart will radiate the safety necessary for your participants to drop their guards.

Though this may seem like many nuances, all of the above can be intentionally and sacredly arranged in just a few minutes. With practice, this becomes just a part of who you are and the space you hold for your community.


  • Hi Barbara! A workshop would be a great idea!! For now, there is a ceremony in Living Sacred Ceremony for creating sacred space :) thanks for stopping by and reading!


  • Hi, Natalia,

    Please let me know if you have a workshop on this topic or on anything from your beautiful book!



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