Cold & Rainy Saturday

Natalia Karoway

Saturday, February 27th Ahhhh, Saturday mornings. I love not having to jump out of bed to make Adam's lunch and rush him out the door. Everything can move a little bit slower today and I like that. Not that I don't have a ton to do. Saturdays begin at the Sarasota Farmer's Market so I can stock up for the week. It starts pouring just before we leave and it is freezing out. By the time we get there, half of the market is packing up early. The weather certainly hurts the shopping attendance, but I bundled up and brought my umbrella because nothing can stand in the way of me and my organic produce! I am super touched when I get over to Worden Farm's booth and find that they have saved a bunch of mint just for me! I've been asking for it, but I guess it's not a huge seller for them. I love fresh mint leaves in smoothies & desserts and just to freshen up my water. Thank you Worden Farm! So sweet. I'm just in time to grab almost the last of the strawberries (so good right now) a huge pomelo, lots of leafy greens, herbs and some zucchini. 

Back at home, it's time for breakfast. This morning's green smoothie is for the 2 of us: 2 apples, 6 stalks of celery, a key lime, and lots of kale. I get right to work, plating 3 new dishes for my photo shoot. They are looking so beautiful & super delicious. Already can't wait for lunch. I shoot my photos on the lanai where I get great natural light but I'm still mostly sheltered. Since it's so cold today, I find myself rushing a bit. A jacket and scarf help slow me down and remind me that I don't want to have to redo this.

Now in the warm house, I pack up a few dishes for friends who are helping to support the creation of my book. Thank you ladies! The sun decided to come out and now it's time for a late afternoon lunch. Adam and I step away from work for barely 20 minutes. He's been glued to the computer, rebranding his web design business and redesigning his site. Lunch is one of the new book recipes, influenced by one of my favorite Chinese takeout memories. It's oh so good and really satisfied a craving I've had for many years. Super success!

Now we're both on the computers, side by side. I'm catching up on communication. I've been away from the computer since Wednesday, just keeping tabs on things from my iphone. Lots to do, but first I want to review the photos from earlier. It's too fun to pass up. We work until 9pm when hunger kicks in. Woah, a little late for dinner, but you won't see me skipping it. I plate up something fancy (that top secret entrée I mentioned yesterday) pop in a movie and dig in. We watch the first Harry Potter movie, well some of it. Even after a dessert of key lime pie and a full belly, I fall asleep in the middle. No surprise there, it's a classic Natalia move. Goodnight!

Dash of inspiration:

Show your local, organic farmers how important they are! Support them unconditionally and see how well they (and their food) treat you in return!

In my mind, there's nothing wrong with being a workaholic if it doesn't feel like work! I love a day full of professional success as long as I've felt relaxed & joyful throughout and laughed along the way. Make sure you enjoy your work. I cannot stress the importance of this enough for your overall well being.

Wishes of Bliss!

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